Our Dog policy


• We welcome all well behaved dogs /cats, 2 per room only.
• Dogs are only allowed in the following rooms: Both log cabins rooms 1 and 2, which are in the garden with only two steps, room 7 is an out side room but up a set of stairs
and room 8 which is on the ground floor in the court yard.
• All dogs/cats are charged at £10.00 per day if your dog/cat goes into the room.
• We do ask that all dogs while on our grounds to be kept on leads.
• Please bring their beds /or cages as we don’t want them on our beds or chairs. Extra
charges will be made where there is any damages and will have to be paid for before departure.
• Dog beds and cages can be available please ask when booking.
• Dogs are not to be left in the rooms alone for any reason.
• Please do not bath your dog in the room; there is an outside shower room.
• Please bring ‘doggie’ towels and sheets for the floors, when the weather is wet.
• Please pick up your dogs mess and deposit it in the green bin.

You can exercise your dog in our paddocks but  please ask before going into them.

our paddock

Our Paddock


My Ladies work very hard to ensure all our guests stay is an enjoyable one.



Thank you for you for your co-operation

Jeanne Wilson